5 comments on “The Daily Dose – Staying alive in the soup zone with funky Disco moves!

  1. You have not waves on the East coast than we have. I am used to 1-3 feet but with my S18S, I don’t like the really but some people do!

    On Sun, Dec 19, 2021 at 12:47 kayakfari ( kayak .. far .. i ) wrote:

    > Kayakfari posted: “Sometimes .. surf’s UP. It’s Disco fever in the surf > zone! . (tap or click pic to read) . Truth of the matter is that we don’t > get really great surfing conditions here in South Florida. It’s tough to > get nice long rides. Some of my best rides h” >

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    • Patrick, we get usually 3 – 5 ft on easterly winds. Sometimes we get nice 4 – 6 ft swells after a N/NW blow, not very often. The short boats do well in the shore break which can be dumpy lots of times.


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