2 comments on “The Daily Dose – Wheels, paddles, a boat and the lunatics on the Grass!

  1. Rolling the kayak on a trailer behind your bike looks like a fun way to portage.
    About wheels and paddles going together: When I lived in Boulder there was a “kinetic conveyance” race. You had to make it overland from downtown to the reservoir. Then your contraption had to be amphibious to get across the reservoir, then go back overland to the finish. All had to be human-powered.
    The winners always had a kayak or canoe towed on a trailer behind a bike. Then they had a way to mount the bike on the kayak or canoe while going across the lake. This simple solution was fast and reliable. Many more imaginative contraptions participated, but they were either much slower or fell apart.

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    • That sounds like a fun race! Actually very applicable to certain parts of the Everglades ecosystem. There are lots of levees on which to bike on, if one had a folding bicycle, I could see “towing and stowing” with a small canoe!

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