3 comments on “A new boat came into the shop; I fell in love with her and gave her a home!

  1. Hey Flex… don’t know if you’ll get this, but loved hearing about this
    design.    You probably won’t remember, but at the height of my interest
    I had 13, you read that right, mostly kayaks (one racing kevlar canoe) –
    and no, not to flip.   When I finally sold my house I was forced to sell
    them, and each one had to ripped out of my hands, ouch.    Hey, since
    you mentioned wing paddles, I would strongly urge you to call Bruce
    Gipson – whom you likely or oughta know – he was an olympic paddler,
    still competes as a senior and does well.   He is super connected with
    S. Africa and still imports.   I know he will understand your wing focus
    and will be able to discuss this in great and very knowledgeable detail,
    as he has always had the same focus on ultimate performance.

    Anyway, best to you Flex, I now live in Mexico City (no kayaking for
    me), and am always glad to hear from ya.

    CJ , Jim

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    • Great to hear from you Jimbo! Last I heard, weren’t you on a sailboat? Big switch to Mexico City!! I spent a bit of time in the D.F. way beck when and they used to say breathing the air was like smoking two packs a day ..
      Hope the air is cleaner now and all is well with you! 🙂


      • Well I don’t know what you experienced, but the pollution is bad. I can tell you that Bogota is even worse as they run super old diesel buses that create huge clouds of billowing black smoke. Mexico city is better, but still bad and there is fair cause to wear a mask anyway – Covid or Diesel – take your choice. Everything gets coated with dust by the end of the day. My sailboat was hit directly by the Cat 4 in Pt Charlotte last year, and I may have to salvage her, damn…

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