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Paddling into a giant raft up party at the Boca Bash 2016. . Boats, Bikinis & Beers! . This was a last minute urban paddle through the intracoastal waterway into Lake Boca Raton.  On the last Sunday of April, a giant raft up party is held there, called the Boca Bash. It appears to be an […]

Spanish River Blvd – Boca Raton Inlet loop for lightweight boats or boards! . . Here’s a simple workout and fitness paddling loop starting and ending at Spanish River Blvd in Boca Raton. It’s one of the few places where a short portage from beach to intracoastal is easy to do with a lightweight paddling […]

Summer is here and resistance is Futile! . Off-season, aka summer paddling and camping in South Florida and the Everglades has a notoriously bad connotation for many people. It’s easy to picture hellish hot humid days and nights filled with bugs and drenched with sweat. While that can happen, there is also a beautiful tropical […]

The 90’s are back (kinda) – paddling ONEWAY again! . . . New life for a classic surfski! The Findeisen Shearwater surfski is a vintage ski design from the late 80’s and early 90’s. I acquired mine in 1997 from a coworker at Hollywood’s Waterways Kayak which was then and still remains to this day […]

When it’s winter in South Florida, sometimes .. . . .. surf’s UP! . . Truth is we don’t get really great surfing conditions here in South Florida. It’s tough to get nice long rides. Some of my best rides have actually resulted from powerboat wakes in slow speed intracoastal zones on surfskis. At the […]

“The Nightmare after Festivus” Starring Kaya K. Skellitonova as herself in a original production of her festive adventures shot on location in Florida Bay, the Everglades. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

In early September 2017, South Florida experienced a powerful Category 4 Hurricane Irma. The huge storm made a last minute shift slightly to the west which spared the east coast of it’s full fury while the Keys and wild areas like Florida Bay and Everglades National Park received a more direct hit. About a month […]

. Paddling through a bit of local South Florida history on a Monday afternoon! . . Nestled between the Safety Valve and the Gulf Stream a neat triangular route can be plotted out. This route connects three main points of historical interest to South Florida paddlers: Cape Florida, Fowey Rocks lighthouse and Soldier Key – […]

The Lost Portage – you can get there from here! . “Please tell me you’re not going to Canepatch!” said the Park Rangerette when I stepped up to get my backcountry camping permit at Flamingo. “How’d you know? What’s wrong with Canepatch?”, I asked. “Bugs, it’s really bad with the bugs”, she replied. As it […]

Part I – Paddling the engineered freshwater flow: . To start, we are going to back up all the way to Lake Okeechobee and flow downstream with the water! . . Paddling and exploring the Miami River Canal! In this three part series on paddling the Miami River Canal, we are going to explore a […]

Paddling and partying all on the same night and route. That’s the way I rolled! . . Squeeze was a one of a kind nightclub that in the early 1990’s purveyed the then-new “alternative” and industrial rock sounds along with lots of live bands. Probably the most famous band to play their early gigs there […]

. Heaven and Hell? Heaven or Hell? Somewhere between heaven and hell lies real paddling freedom! . . Summer paddling and camping in the Ten Thousand Islands of the Everglades! Off-season, aka summer camping in the Everglades is notorious for hellish hot nights filled with bugs and drenched by sweat. Most people do not camp much in […]

Starting with a hoppy Ranger-led Pour, let’s explore the Everglades*! . Each pic is clickable for a story or link. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raise a toast: CHEERS! Salud! Na zdraví! . *Please drink […]

This one is all about threes. That’s the theme! . .  A three day triangular route across about half of Florida Bay was the basis for this theme. First and foremost however was a birthday celebration – for my kayak. You see on February 3rd, 2016, my kayak the ‘Banana Boat‘ turned 24 years old! […]

. Part Two: A Lower Keys Roundabout! .  (Continued from Part One: Exploring a Higher Ground!) . . The sandbar we beached on just south of the Barracuda Keys was an unexpected bonus because of it’s location near the edge of the Gulf. It made a great starting point for exploration of the nearby keys that are fairly closely clustered. For […]

. . The Red Bull Flugtag are a series of summer events held in cities around the world where teams compete to build and “fly” outrageous and often whimsical flying machines in front of a large, live audience. The Miami edition, now in it’s fourth year is held is Biscayne Bay, just off Bayfront Park in […]

Fifty miles, three nights and ten thousand skeeters in the Everglades. . . . Starting with a late departure, this trip, very late in the Everglades camping season seemed all about pushing our luck.  Ted of the Palm Beach Water Yaks meetup group came up with this trip at the last minute. The idea was […]

“A large clearing with a small dock” . . The Canepatch (Cane Patch) is a remote back country campsite inside Everglades National Park and is basically is a large clearing with a small access dock. Formerly called “Avocado Mound”, it was cultivated and occupied by native peoples for hundreds of years at least, perhaps thousands. […]

It’s what’s for dinner that counts! . . When you think about it, the most important thing after water and shelter is the food you eat. The quality and quantity of which can make or break a trip, and definitely sets the tone for your well being! Gastronomy is highly subjective, but needless to say, […]

‘Slow it down’ brothers and sisters – know where? Nowhere and now here! . . Whenever you show up at the Flamingo Ranger Station in the afternoon asking for a backcountry camping permit, you will get a funny look from the ranger. This is because they know you probably won’t get there before sunset! Such […]

Miami (Black Point) to Flamingo is approximately a 70 mile one way trip via Short Key. . . . A multi-day paddle trip so that we could really enjoy ourselves out there in the wide open expanses! After a late start from Black Point marina, we paddled past the sun set into the delicious darkness […]

Exploring a hidden bit of the colorful old time Everglades history! . . Take a look at the panoramic above and imagine hacking out a small clearing just above the tide line in the mangrove forest to live in and operate a clandestine moonshine still. This is what Totch Brown’s father John Brown did during […]

Let’s start with a serene Florida Bay scene:  This whole place is like paddling in a living Dali painting! . . In the winter/spring of 2010, Everglades National Park opened up new backcountry primitive campsites on Florida Bay in the form of two elevated camping platforms called ‘chickees’. One is the Shark Point Chickee and the other […]

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