2 comments on “Miami Stiltsville kayak Photography kayakfari Biscayne Bay Park

  1. Is it possible to rebuild one of these houses, redo the pilings and stilts using concrete or protected steel, raise their height and completely remodeling or rebuilding to withstand Cat 4 or 5 hurricane and storm surge? Bring in a 1000 gallon with 500 gallon backup propane or natural gas tanks for a generator to live there? I would totally love to live on the water here if I was allowed to build a hurricane proof structure out of concrete and stainless steel. Stainless steel interlocking shutters for all windows and doors to close in case of hurricane. concrete floor, walls and ceiling to withstand cat 4 or 5 hurricane and built high enough out of the water to withstand 1000 year storm surge. Is this forbidden or possible?


    • Steven, I like the idea! Thing is that Stiltsville has been a part of Biscayne National Park for some time already, and they (NPS) actually wanted to take them all down back in 1999! As far as I understand it, if any of the current structures suffers more than 50% damage today – it will be torn down. Maybe in a different location it might be possible to build on the water, but I’m not sure about the permitting and building legalities. In any case it would be expensive to build and to maintain. A floating home might be a better idea, imho!


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