“Kayakfari” ( Kayakfari ) :

Fitness, Adventure and Art on the High Seas!



This is a site about about kayaking. It’s about photography and digital art. It’s about trips to remote places and entertaining stories. It’s about staying physically and mentally fit. Most importantly it’s about having fun and adventure out on the water!

Based in the Miami / Ft Lauderdale metropolitan area, the focus is on tropical paddling throughout South Florida, from Lake Okeechobee south to the Keys and anywhere in between. My aim is to bring you well documented and researched stories, photography and artwork – from interesting places you may or may not have heard about!


As an active kayaker this site serves to inform, inspire and showcase the many possibilities and benefits that paddle sports can bring. As an adventurer this is my way of presenting and sharing the fun & adventure of kayak touring & camping in a meangfull and entertaining fashion. As a photographer this site is a vehicle to bring you unique perspectives and techniques on kayak related photography as I continually experiment and expand my boundaries.

Finally, as an artist, Kayakfari is a way of communicating to you the nuances and abstractions of all of the above!


Miami Florida kayak kayakfari Flex Maslan kayakfari.com Biscayne Bay Adventure Art

“I like people who know how to wear their boats!”



This site also serves to showcase and to market my style of 

Kayakfari ART 

 Unique paddling inspired kayak photography and digital art available for purchase and licensing!


kayakfari.com Everglades Aerial kayakfari Photography kayak Flex Maslan Maslin

Shouting at the sky, greetings from the Everglades!
Kayak Aerial Photography


Pompano Hillsboro Light aerial inlet kayakfari kayak lighthouse flex maslan beach low tide dredge point

CLICK for interactive Aerial & VR Panoramas page !


 It is my hope to get YOU interested in paddlesports! There are many local trips can be done by reasonably fit folks of all ages and abilities. Paddlesports can include kayaking, canoeing, SuP, and more. These can be LIFETIME sports, meaning suitable at any age with the right training and technique!! Here in South Florida we have either warm water or hot water, depending on the season. Paddling and swimming goes on all year long. Instead of just hanging out at the beach, why not paddle there instead and expand your fun!

If you are just starting out with kayaking, I encourage you take a class from a reputable paddle shop so you can get started the right way with the right technique. If you’re not near any shops, another great place to start is through one of the  meetup.com groups around. Whatever you do, don’t buy a kayak based on price alone – unless you like paddling a bathtub! Make sure that the boat or board it fits YOU and what you want to use it for. A kayak is a lot like clothing, you will want to WEAR YOUR BOAT and have it FIT properly. One size does NOT fit all!!


Flex Maslan Kayakfari Fitness Surfski Photography Miami kayak green hulk surf ski paddle attitude is everything incredible

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry!”


Paddling is also an excellent way to stay limber and in shape, release stress, clear your head & put all your concerns into perspective all the while getting a suntan! If you go out to paddle for a couple or three hours, it’s like you mentally go on vacation, with the added serenity from a post-workout natural endorphin high!!

You simply can not be in a bad mood after a good paddle!!!


.. you had been warned!

.. you had been warned!





Flex Maslan everglades kayakfari photographer yin yang panorama fisheye landscape sun moon kayak full moon

A Yin-Yang moment: Simultaneous moonrise and sunset.
CLICK for panorama!


For intermediate and more advanced paddlers, the site offers trip reports from unique and offbeat destinations and photographic outings. I strive to make the stories entertaining and contextually aware with a certain flow to carry the casual reader along. In general I will not necessarily include exact routes, gps tracks or coordinates as there are already many excellent resources for that available online. A certain level of paddling ability and general outdoors orienteering competency and is presumed, I would say at least the equivalent of ACA or BCU Level 3 coastal kayaking experience.

For safety and personal enjoyment, I do believe it is important for paddlers to conduct their own research, planning and training before actually heading out into unknown and remote wilderness areas!


Champagne Dawn

“Champagne Dawn” – on Florida Bay. For 5 minutes the world turned into a sea of champagne right before dawn.


flex maslan kayakfari world reach Kayak art adventure photography map fitness everglades paddle domination

Kayakfari gospel worldwide reach map! 😮





Happy trails and Blessings friends!

Flex Maslan kayakfari 029 kayakfari.com digital029art.com kayak canoe south florida everglades florida bay photography digital art

Blessings friends!!

Flex Maslan

kayakfari at gmail dot com





NEW sister site  AwakentheGrass.comEverglades Biosphere Photography!

awakenthegrass Flex Maslan awakenthegrass.com awakeinthegrass digital029art kayakfari everglades photography florida hiking

Everglades Biosphere Photography


You may also be interested in my other art projects::



www.decoratedreality.com  www.plasticworlds.com

Miami Biscayne Bay Florida kayak kayakfari Flex Maslan kayakfari.com

Kayakfari on Biscayne Bay in Miami.

On the beach, ready to ride!!

Surf Ski Shred Alert!  RIDE!!

Flex Maslan kayakfari.com digital029art.com Camp Lu Lu LuLu 10000 islands gulf kayakfari florida beach camping ENP everglades shells shelling horseshoe

On Florida Bay with paddles that fly!

Surfing-in to the Johnson Key chickee in Florida Bay

Surfing-in towards the Johnson Key chickee in Florida Bay

"Bees make Honey"

“Bees make Honey” on the Turner River, ENP

Florida pompano kayak redrum kayakfari Flex Maslan kayakfari.com

Paddling the REDRUM, REDRUM, R E D R U M ..

Rickenbacker Causway at night

Key Biscayne (Miami), Florida

Viva las Fiestas Cinco de Mayo kayakfari kayak kayakfari.com Flex Maslan

Viva las Fiestas de kayak!

Attitude is Chillin' !

Attitude is Chillin’ !

© 2018 Flex Maslan / kayakfari.com / awakenthegrass.com. All original photographs, artworks and music in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Flex Maslan, unless otherwise noted. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.

All rights reserved!


I hereby disclaim any sponsorship, endorsement, nor association with any product or service described herein. The photographs, depictions, products, and ideas presented on this site are for informational purposes only. Your results may vary, and I do not imply nor guarantee the effectiveness, suitability, design or operation to adhere to any standard. I assume no legal responsibility for the implementation of anything herein presented! Use any and all information at your own risk! By using any and all information from this website, you accept the final liability for any use or possible associated misuse! 

Camp Lu Lu, Ten Thousand Islands beach 10 000 florida kayakfari

Burning the atoms, sending them up to the stars .. fire, fire burning!

The maps and images on this site are not intended for navigation, I am not a guide; use any and all information at your own risk! Your mileage may vary .. so use good judgement before venturing out. Think twice or trice so as not to put yourself or others at risk!


With that said.. Blessings friends!


Summer on the Rio Grande New Mexico kayakfari

Positive Vibrations: Summer on the Rio Grande, New Mexico.


rasta happy kayakfari kayak canoe paddle photography adventure

Trice as happy when paddling! Bless up!! 🙂



Here are some of my other art projects you may be interested in::


awakenthegrass Flex Maslan awakenthegrass.com awakeinthegrass digital029art kayakfari everglades photography florida hiking

Everglades Biosphere Photography

digital029art digital029art.com Flex Maslan 029 got029 decoratedreality kayakfari plasticworlds systemresistance artworkahead


decoratedreality.com Decorated Reality logo Flex Maslan 029 digital029art.com digital029art


got029 029 Flex Maslan digital029art zerotonine edm idm electronic breaks techno serotonin music


Plastic Worlds plasticworlds.com Flex Maslan digital029art.com pop art barbie





Thanks & Enjoy!!


20 comments on “About

  1. Hello Flex, We used to do some Kayaking back in the early 1990’s. It’s Glenn O and we paddled off Ft. Laud, MIA and the Keys. I have a blue plastic Prizum. I was surfing around MeetUp for Kayaking and saw your name. I surfed on your web site and have also paddled many of those same places and still go paddleing all over the state. Cool pictures and art you have. Maybe we can go paddleing sometime, drop me a line. See ya, Glenn O >’


  2. Hi Flex – nice seeing on yet another of your regular paddles, clearing the way for the cruise ships out of Port Everglades. Sue Sea and I have known you for years, and you were always a favorite of the Ft. Lauderdale Yakfishing Club. We hope to join you sometime on yet another adventure in our S. Florida Paradise…

    Capn Jimbo & Sue Sea


  3. Hey Great meeting you the other day!! I had a yellow vintage tiki kayak. We talked about putting closed cell foam in the hull. Long story short, I may have left my one and only paddle down by our launching site. Have you seen the paddle by any chance?

    Thanks and see you out there



    • Hi Paul, good to meet you too, how was your Whiskey Creek paddle? After I came back I saw a paddle in a beach towel right near the water, so I moved it up to the high berm. There was another vehicle there, I thought it was you guyz..


  4. Congratulations on another extraordinary paddle trip, Flex. I just found your write-up on the computer. People who know the backcountry have to appreciate your continued contribution–and your courage on the water–uncovering the greatness of the Everglades.


  5. Flex,

    I enjoy your site and I am inspired. I recently got a kayak and love it.

    Dave Schulman from Tigertail Lake of years ago…


  6. Hey man, really enjoyed looking through your photos from south florida. The VR stuff is pretty neat, and something I would really like to get into with my Fuji. I am going to be in Punta Gorda soon and need a tip for a day trip. What do you recommend? Open waters or mangroves? I was thinking everglades city since I am in need of a rental boats. I am an experiences paddler from the midwest. Thanks and cheers!


    • Thanks much dcyoda! Where to go is really gonna depend on the weather and your skills and your paddling style. There’s several outfitters in SW Florida to choose from. A great resource are the people at Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers, you might wanna contact them: https://www.tbsk.club/Trip-Planning
      You could also contact the kayaking ‘meetup’ groups in SW Florida!

      For destinations there are LOTS, just off the top: Cape Haze area and preserve, Pine Island, Matlacha, Ding Darlin & Sanible/Cayo Costa, Mound Key in Estero Bay, Myakka. Further south you have Rookery Bay & Cape Romano area. If you’re willing to go as far as Everglades City/Choko you could paddle up the Turner River. Better yet start at Hwy 41 and paddle down Turner River about half way and return is a great day trip. Really nice mangrove tunnels there!


  7. Hey Flex, I know you meet a lot of people, but our paths crossed last March at the Flamingo launch ramp. I just completed a solo wilderness waterway trip in a cedar strip canoe from Everblaeds City. You were putting in for a quick overnighter. Anyways, I’ll be returning this year for my third year in a row, the only difference is I am bringing my daughters. All they want is a swimmable sand beach every so often and they’ll be happy. We’re not picky as to Flordia Bay or Ten Thousand Islands,…just want a beach. We have a week that we’ll be spending there (not including travel time) right after Christmas and over new years and we are taking two cars so we can spot one in Flamingo and sail to it from Evergaldes City. We will be in 2 16′ beachable sailboats. Any thoughts as to your favorite swimming areas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much,


    • Hi Charlie! That sounds like a really great family trip!! If you’re looking for beaches I’d say your might even want to back up a bit and star your trip in Goodland, Fl. From there you can sail south into Gullivan Bay and the Gulf. You can stop or camp at Cape Romano and continue by crossing the bay east to the Ten Thousand Islands where you have beaches on many of the lil islands. Camp LuLu could be a good choice. These beaches have that fine sugar sand the Gulf shores are known for. After that maybe Pavilion Key and then Highland Beach. Then scoot down to the Cape where you have really nice beaches anywhere from NW Cape to East Cape. In Florida Bay the beaches aren’t as big until you get further east and south towards the Keys. Bahia Honda has prob the nicest beaches in the Keys. Keep in mind that most of the Gulf shorelines have shallow mudflats leading up to the beaches that are exposed at low tides with a looong walk, so plan accordingly, maybe even bring foam rollers to move the boats .. Also that time frame is prob the busiest time of the year in the Everglades. Have fun!


  8. I’d like to contact your group about a project I’m working on that focuses on Taylor Slough, Shark Valley and Florida Bay. I see your group paddles the routes at time. I’d love to tag along, in the near future or October.

    Liked by 1 person

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