2 comments on “Kayaking Marvin and Snipe Keys – Florida’s lower Keys backcountry paddling panoramas!

  1. Hey Flex its Christina,Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!! Not sure if I asked the last time I saw you but do you know if there are any islands in the Lower Keys Backcountry that allow camping? Obviously not this time of year, just scoping out some new destinations for the upcoming cooler months! 🙂


    • Hi Christina, pretty much the entire area is a refuge of one type or another, the biggest being the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge. All the refuge islands are protected and off limits, however there are a few private undeveloped islands within that have a history of primitive camping. Technically this would require permission from the land owner(s). Another option is to bring kayaks out on a mothership boat to save time and effort and see more of the Keys backcountry!


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