7 comments on “Sea trials of the “Pa-Hay-Okee”: Twelve windy miles on Florida Bay to visit the Johnson Key Chickee!

  1. Stayed there a few yrs ago.. loved it.. a little windy.. chilly. Put up some tarps as a windbreak.. hammock.. loved it beautiful stars…didnt need the blue space vehicle!!

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  2. Hey Flex. your blog has inspired me to explore the Johnson & Shark Point chickees.
    however, im a total tide chart amateur.
    tides4fishing.com shows that low tide at noon on 11/28/19 will be -0.3.
    are those poor conditions (too shallow) for kayaking from flamingo to johnson?
    thank you!

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    • Hello Gene. You can go anytime as long as you stick to the main boating (marked) channels. Otherwise time your transits of the flats banks on a rising tide so you won’t get stuck for hours ..


    • P.S. To be safe, you can swing wide to the west towards the gap between Murray and Oyster Keys. That’s where the boat channel is, and then follow it south until inline with the chickee, then just paddle due east to it.


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